Completed applications will be reviewed by housing staff.  If the staff determines that the applicant is
eligible on the basis of income and family composition, the family will be notified in writing and the
family's name will be placed on the waiting list according to the time and date of the application.  If
the family is determined to be ineligible, they will be notified in writing of the reasons for the
ineligibility determination.

Due to the income target requirements, the owner will admit only extremely low-income families first
until the 40% target is met. In chronological order according to the time and date of the application.  
The owner will select eligible applicants from the waiting list whose incomes are at or below the
extremely low-income limit to fill the first 40% of expected vacancies in the property.  Once this target
has been reached, the applicants will be place as stated below:  

Applicants will be added to a waiting list in chronological order and according to the time and
date of the application.

In the event that the volume of applications received exceeds the number of slots available for
the waiting list, all applications will be added to the waiting list in chronological order.  

When management receives the next 30-day notice, it will be the responsibility of the housing
staff to notify the applicant at the top of the waiting list.  If that applicant turns down the unit, the
housing staff will then proceed to the next person on the waiting list.

If an applicant on the waiting list rejects two units offered to him/her, he/she may remain on
the list but will then be assigned a new position on the waiting list based on the date the
applicant rejected the second unit.


Only currently housed tenants with extenuating circumstances such as extreme medical
emergencies that warrant immediate attention, a court ordered move, due to a terrorist threat or a
domestic violence case that results in an arrest will take precedence over the waiting list.
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St. Timothy's Tower & Manor, Inc.
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